Case Study: Atelier 5

I worked with Yifan from Atelier 5 before. She had a Wix website and we did some optimisation. It was time to move the website to a more suitable platform in order for Yifan to grow the business and pursue other avenues.

Yifan bought a new hosting package and give me access to the that and the domain name. We chose a theme closest to the one on the Wix version. Leaving the Wix version in place we ported everything over and created the WordPress website in the background.

We got as close to the existing site as was practical and installed the security plugin and all other necessary plugins. Once we were happy that the WordPress website was fit to go we switched the Domain name to point to the new one (changed Nameservers) and once that was done Yifan could cancel her Wix account.

We will continue to work with Yifan to develop the website further and optimise for the new part of the business.

If you want to know more about Atelier 5 then please visit the website.

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