Bringing new life to a tired website

Case Study on Creating Balance

One of the most common things I am asked to do is to refresh a website and make it work better for the client. Working better often looks like getting more bookings or sales to the website owner (but not always).

One project we took on recently was to give a new look to a tired design. The website had loads of content and most of it was ace but it had been added to and added to over time, it had begun to look unruly and great infomation became difficult to find. None of this was intentional, it was simply a result of unchecked growth.

Our task was to give a fresh new look and organise the content better. The first image below is the website when we first encountered it and the 2nd is the website after it’s facelift and declutter.

Before the redesign and declutter


After the redesign and declutter


The new design makes better use of the space, has an easier navigation path and shows off more what the visitor gets. The site is still a work in progress but the improvements have already had impact. My client told me that within a short space of time after relaunch clients of hers who hadn’t booked in years where ringing her to book themselves back in!

This client will go from strength to strength. Now her website reflects her personal professionalism, attention to detail and makes it easy to see what she offers.

For the team here it isn’t simply ‘make it look pretty’ but make it work! A website has a job to do. Not all websites do their job well!

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