Being a web designer/developer of course I’m going to tell you that you need a website. In reality I’m not touting for business here but I do get asked all the time from non-developers if they NEED a website. I truly believe you should have a website so here are 7 reasons to convince you! 


It’s fair to say that I’m generally asked ‘Do you have a website?’ and ‘Is that on your website?’ on a regular basis. It positions me in the market as a serious business who has gone to the trouble and expense of setting up something where my prospects and customers can find out more in their own time. Today’s savvy shopper expects you to have a website even if you are selling a service rather than product, even if you have a physical shop and especially if you are selling goods online. It makes you look real! I know you are a real person but there are plenty of fakes out there.


You want your business to be seen by the whole world right? Well at least by your customers! So your business needs more than a single marketing channel to get the maximum out of your digital presence. Plus it means you can be marketing your business 24 hours a day without having to be awake. A website gives you a focal point for all your marketing efforts and a single point of sale/connection. This is something you can be in complete control of.

Brand Awareness

This isn’t just for large corporates. It’s for you too. You need your brand to be recognised by as many people as possible. You want them to think of you with fondness. Not everyone uses Social Media but most people are familiar with websites. You should ensure you display a consistent look across all platforms so as many people as possible will recognise your brand. Remember that Brand isn’t just about a logo. It’s about your style, images, customer service and  your writing style.


How often have you heard someone say ‘Google it!’? I bet you’ve said it to yourself too – ‘Oh, I’ll just Google that’! It’s a phrase that is so common in the English language and for good reason.Google is still the most popular search engine in the English speaking world. If you can have your website appearing on the first page of Google search results for your chosen phrase then you stand a chance of gaining more customers, the one waiting excitedly to buy what you sell.

Risk avoidance

You don’t own Facebook so, surprisingly maybe, you don’t own your Facebook page either. You don’t own your Facebook groups, your Twitter feed or your Instagram account. You rent space on these platforms to advertise your business. Guess what! Like any landlord they can and do evict their tenants! I have personally had them take down my Facebook page and refuse to reinstate it. It’s a tough lesson. Had I not had my trusty website then my business would have suffered badly. So having a website avoid the risk of losing all your visibility because somebody didn’t think you played nicely enough.


A single post on Facebook might tell people you sell blue giraffes but does it say that you sell bedding, hire out camper vans with a tall roof or recommend specialist vets? That Instagram post shows a really beautiful green widget but too many products in one shot leads to confusion and skipping by your post. Your website is the appropriate place to showcase everything that you do! A clear navigation system means your customer can quickly and easily discover all the lovely goods and services you sell without any distractions from pretty cats.

Competitive edge

So many of your competitors won’t even have a website and if they do it may be very poorly maintained (if at all) and look a little neglected. You can get one upon them by having a smart looking, well maintained and loved website of your own. It could well be the convincer that they need to buy your stuff.

If you want to have a chat about having a website for your business then please give me a call to arrange it on 07986 290 974