Using text over an image can add a simple message. This is a ‘Cover’ block.

Images always brighten up your content and some images are good enough to stand on their own. You can make an image work harder for you by choosing the ‘cover’ style. This allows you to pop some text over your image to convey a deeper message!

” …practical and pragmatic so she makes sure that what I want to happen is possible …”
John D, Spiritual Connection

Adding colour to the background of a text block can draw attention to that content. This is great if you want to highlight things like testimonials. The colour settings can be found on the right side of your editing screen. With a click you can change background colour and text colour. Just remember to make sure there is enough contrast between text and background colours so the text is readable.

Showing off multiple images can look great with the Gallery type block. You can choose how many images appear on a line and it’s totally mobile responsive so the images will move about on the page depending on the device being used to view the gallery!

Asking people to sign up for your mailing list means you can keep in touch with them. Just remember that you must state what you will send them and stick to that. The people on my list will only ever receive hints and tips about improving their websites. Since I have the MailChimp for WP plugin on my website the gutenberg plugin makes it simple for me to embed the MailChimp signup form into a page as above.

This are just some tricks you can use in WordPress that anyone can execute to enhance the experience of your visitors and help get your message across.

If you need some some help learning to use WordPress then you can always pop over to our sister website and take a look at the training options they offer.