Here at Blue Giraffe we offer various packages allowing you to do as much or as little as you like with your site. Please feel free to choose any of our packages below along with any extra services you require. If none of these tickles your pickle then get in touch and we will put together a bespoke package just for you.

Brand polish: from only £100

You’ve got an existing site. It looks good. But there’s something lacking that you just can’t quite put your finger on.

This is where we come in. We’ll take your site and give it that extra little bit of special attention to make sure it all comes together and truly allows your Business to stand out.

All colours matched to your logo/branding, tweak of image sizes, a look at the way things hang together and give it all a bit of a shine.

Kick-off website framework: £250

This is our most popular package with Therapists and Creatives. You’ve started your Business, you know you need a website but don’t know where to start? Leave that to us. We’ll work with you to create your initial web presence.

You don’t have to fret over the technical aspects. We install the software to manage your site, create a framework with all your branding and help you create your pages. You have to give us a hand though by providing all the content including an electronic version of your logo.

As an extra we could also source the hosting and a domain for you if you need it. As we do this at cost there’s no hidden charges – ideally we will walk you through doing this for yourself so you don’t miss a renewal. You can purchase this package direct from our website.

Build the whole thing: from £450

You’ve money to spend but no time to dedicate to building your website. We work with you and our professional copywriters to create a fully finished website. Price will very much depend on how many pages our copywriters create and how many images we have to source for you. You complete a short questionnaire to give us the information we require and then we will confirm the price.

Your website will be created in WordPress. Full admin rights are handed over to you so either you manage it yourself or you appoint a website manager. Our copywriters are happy to continue to work with you to produce blog posts on an ongoing basis for an extra fee. We have a team of Virtual Assistants who can step in too.

Available extras

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as an add-on: from £350
You can also invest in having your site professionally optimised for Google. We aren’t talking about duping Google into ranking you first (that’s old school). It’s about ensuring your website is as attractive to Google as possible and gets all the love it deserves. We properly research the phrases your customers really type into Google and make sure your website reflects the same language. For example it’s no good talking about ‘good nutrition’ if your customers call it ‘healthy diet’!

E-Commerce as an add-on: from £75
We are happy to work with existing WordPress websites to install the shop plugin, WooCommerce. This gives you a functional e-commerce section to your website. Full configuration of the plugin is included and there is help for you to create product listings. It’s probably more cost effective and efficient to create these yourself. If you need it we can arrange for it to be done for you. If you want lessons on how to create the best product listings speak to our sister company, John Jelly and they will arrange to train you.

Give us a call on 07986 290974 to talk about what you really need and the best package for your business.