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An advanced SEO package designed to get your site found on Google for the search terms being used by your customers both locally and nationally.

We work with you to identify up to 5 local/national search terms and optimise up to 5 pages against these terms. We’ll also look at what goes on outside of your site e.g. Social Media and help make sure this is working for you as well together with looking at your Wordpress plugins and the structure of up to 5 pages.

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‘Build it and they will come’ or so the saying goes, well this is not really true when it comes to websites. You’ve got your website and looks good but how do you get your customers to find it?

The answer is Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO). Don’t worry if you have no idea what this means we’ll work with you each step of the way to demystify what SEO is.

First off we need a starting point, so we’ll do some initial analysis and provide you with a report showing you exactly how things stand with your website. The report is unbiased, totally honest and will show both the good and the bad.

Now we have a baseline, we’ll help you to identify up to 5 search terms that your customers are actually looking for both locally and nationally. We’ll then look at your content and optimise this against each agreed search term (generally speaking it’s one term per page).

While we’re at it we’ll also make sure that content’s correctly formatted, organised and engaging for your customers.

We’ll need to do a few technical bits (amending Title Tags and Descriptions and making sure any web addresses are Google friendly) to make sure that you get the Google love. Again don’t worry of you have no idea what this means as we’ll explain all of this as we go.

Having sorted out your website the last thing we’ll do is look at what goes on outside of your website (known as ‘off page’) such as ‘local area’ link building, Social Media and site speed and make sure all this is working towards driving quality traffic to your website.

The Advanced package takes the ‘off page’ review one step further where we will look at your WordPress plug-ins and make sure that these are optimised as they can be. We’ll also do a ‘structural’ review of up to 5 web pages and make any changes so that these also operate in the best way possible.

Please drop us a line if you want to discuss the best option for your business and your skill level…

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