Website Optimisation (SEO) – first page of Google!

Website Optimisation, SEO for Therapists and Creatives

Why is SEO important? Simply put, a great looking website won’t attract potential customers by itself. For every website Blue Giraffe builds, we make it Search Engine friendly. Both for the benefit of your target audience and Google, allowing more of your customers to find your site.

You can benefit from our additional service of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) even if Blue Giraffe didn’t build your website. Optimising websites is about getting found and generating more potential customers for your business. It’s not just about being on the 1st page.

We look at the main 3 areas of optimisation: Research, On-page and Off-page. We work with you to determine what needs to be done to encourage Google to love your website.

As optimisation is an ongoing thing, once we’ve optimised your site we can also arrange training so that you can do it yourself and don’t have to rely on 3rd parties – unless you want to of course in which case we can arrange that as well!

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SEO Strategy

Every website build starts with a good on-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. This allows search engines like Google to understand what your site is about and rank you appropriately.

Optimising your site correctly allows your target audience to find you, engage with your content and increase your business. There are many things to look at when applying a correctly researched SEO strategy.

At Blue Giraffe we’ll be with you every step of the way, explaining things in plain, simple English.

Google friendly

We ensure that your site gets as much Google love as possible. This is done by:

  • ensuring that web addresses (URLs) are Google friendly
  • content is correctly formatted, organised and engaging for your customers
  • categorising information with the latest SEO practices
  • ensuring that the correct naming conventions are used for your pages.

Plus your site should load quickly into a browser, you don’t want to keep the customer or Google waiting.

Keyword research

Being on the first page of Google is everyone’s goal. What’s the point if it’s for something that no one searches on.

You know your Business, we don’t!

We work with you to understand what your potential customers would look for. That means we can create all those things that live in the background (meta titles, descriptions, page titles etc.) in conjunction with content based on targeted keyword (or key phrase) research. This in turn converts those ‘potential’ customers into ‘actual’ customers.

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