I can never stress enough how important website security is, especially if you are using the WordPress framework.

While WordPress is a stable and effective platform it is also a huge target for hackers. The popularity of the platform means that those idiots who have nothing better to do than brag about hacking yet another website often target WordPress sites.

It isn’t as though they make money from hacking a small business website – it’s simply quite bragging rights. This means that even the most insignificant website can be a target for hackers.

It isn’t all bad news though. The WordPress and most plugin developers keep their software as up-to-date as practical to minimise hacking success. But you need to do your part too.

Make sure that you keep both the main WordPress software and all your plugins up-to-date and are running the latest versions. In your WordPress dashboard, if you see those pesky little orange circles against menu items that means there is an update due.

You should always backup your website before doing major updates and some web hosts will automatically do minor WordPress updates for you. It is in every web hosts interest to keep the security as tight as possible for all websites they host. If your host doesn’t offer this service then may want to consider moving to a host that does – security matters to everyone.

It can be costly to pay a web developer to update your plugins but if you really don’t think you can cope yourself it would be money well spent.

I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your software running on the latest versions. Trust me you could easily regret not keeping up to date as generally the reason there is an update is often to either fix a known bug or plug a security hole. Both good reasons to update!

If you need to learn how and when to update your WordPress and Plugin software then drop us an email on jan@bluegiraffewebsites.co.uk