Website Maintenance – doing it for yourself can be fun!

OK, so you have a website already. It’s working well for you and you’re getting customers so that’s it, job done? Website maintenance is boring and time consuming, right? Wrong!

Your website is a key part of the machine that is your business and like every part it needs to be serviced/maintained to make sure that it’s always in tip top condition, sometimes upgraded with shiny new parts and generally loved so that it always works for your business to the best of its abilities.

Your options for website maintenance

Well, you could always ask a 3rd party. There are lots of them out there but this will come at a cost (and sometimes quite a high one). It also means you’re dependent on someone else and their time frames.

You could do it yourself. Yes, that’s the answer! Oh hang on a mo, where do you start? This WordPress thingamajig stuff looks really hard, SEO what? …. feel a headache coming on just thinking about it?

“Well paced, friendly tutoring catering for the needs of individuals in a relaxed environment. There’s no such thing as a stupid question so go ahead and ask it anyway.” Diane, The Lavender Room

Sit back, relax and let Blue Giraffe help. Our sister company¬†John Jelly has worked with hundreds of small businesses and specialises in providing the training you need at a price that’s right, in a way that does not cause headaches!

The best way to learn is to do, so all the training is interactive with exercises geared around your business. Training can be as part of a group, so you meet other like minded individuals (also good for networking!) or can be on a 1-2-1 basis.

Don’t put the welfare of your website in the hands of someone else. Check out the courses at John Jelly and see how easy it is to do it yourself!